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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Day 1882: Licence to get a bit excited


James Bond is a SECRET AGENT. That means that his job is to save the world from BAD people. And be very cool.

So far he has saved the world from twenty BAD people in thirty years (and at least three of them were the same top baddie!) which means that as well as being very cool he gets to have lots of time off to watch DVDs as well.

And he has to be funny too. The BAD people are never funny (except that the top baddie sometimes gets to be SARCASTIC, which isn't really funny).

When Daddy Richard was away last week, Daddy Alex let me watch James Bond ALL THE TIME. That is why Daddy Alex is BEST!

The very first James Bond FILM was called DOCTOR NO. This was a VERY GOOD film, because it has several car chases and a big explosion at the end. This is how most films should be, and would certainly have made PRIDE AND PREJUDICE much less BORING!

Which is the very best James Bond film? This is a VERY DIFFICULT QUESTION. Usually it depends on which one I am watching! I think it is GOLDFINGER, which has a REALLY good car chase but nothing exiting explodes at the end, or GOLDENEYE which has a chase with a TANK and a pretty good explosion at the end.

There have been five James Bonds so far. (This is because they have to get actors to pretend to be James Bond to make the DVDs, but it is very wearing being so cool and they keep wearing out.)

My favourite is Pearce Brosnan, and also my favourite is Sean Connery. And also my favourite is George Lazenby even though he only did one. And Timothy Dalton, even though he only did two and one of those was LICENCE TO KILL. Plus Roger Moore, he's my favourite too.

There is going to be a new James Bond soon, and he is called DANIEL CRAIG. I am looking forward to this too. Also, he will be in CASINO ROYALE which is good because this will be a proper CASINO ROYALE which means that the other one DOES NOT COUNT!

I think Daniel Craig will be my favourite James Bond.

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