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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Day 4481: A Few Words on the Passing of Queen Maggie the Martyred


All news has been CANCELLED for the announcement that Queen Maggie, elected Prime Monster three times in the Nineteen Eighties and twice more in the new Century under the name Lord Blairimort, famous for her catchphrase "the Mummy Returns"... won't be returning.

As Dumbledore would have put it:





Or as the late Francis Urquhart said:

"Even the longest, most glittering reign..."

If we learned ONE thing from Queen Maggie it's that STRONG GOVERNMENT is a REALLY BAD IDEA, and if this Coalition is WEAK because it has to LISTEN to PEOPLE and CHANGE its mind...

...well, you might very well think that. WE couldn't possibly comment.

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