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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 4184: Game of Clegg


Obviously the Epic "Dragons and Dangly Bits" Fantasy that is HBO's "Game of Thrones" is completely inappropriate for a baby elephant to watch. More importantly, Daddy refuses to give cash to Mr Rupert Stavro Moredick so we don't get Sky and have to wait for the Blu-Rays before we can see season two!

Anyway, SPOILERS, in season one, nice-but-dim Northern Nick Stark (from Sheffield) gets the job as DEPUTY KING and has to hang out with evil Balloonisters, Georgie and Saucy. He is GOOD. They are BAAAAAD. Guess who gets called a TRAITOR and has his head chopped off.

(And we won't even try to make gags about the House of Clegg having the DIRE wolf as its symbol! As for what Mr Balloon and his evil twin Georgie are doing... let's just say I don't want to get pushed out of a castle tower!)

Yes, it's the latest Liberal Democrat "treason", only this time it's the CONSERVATORIES calling us names – thus proving that they ARE exactly the same as HARD LABOUR.

"We supported you over Mr David Outlaws and Mr Dr Vince "the Power" Cable," they WHINGE. Yeah, AFTER they had lost the jobs in question.

Here's a clue – had the Hulture Secretary Mr Jeremy taken it like a man and resigned, then we'd have given you JUST AS MUCH support as you gave us.

Still, we don't help ourselves when we're both TOO LOYAL to our Conservatory "allies" to actively stab the deserving Hunt when he needs it, but equally TOO PRINCIPLED to support him when he obviously ought to have quit/been fired/never should have accepted the job in the first place. These positions CANCEL EACH OTHER OUT and we end up doing something that – to the real people outside the Westminster bubble – is at best INCOMPREHENSIBLE and more commonly regarded as SPINELESS.

Once again, we look like we're "PLAYING THE GAME".

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