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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 4153: Five by Five. Or by ME, actually.


Auntie Caron has come up with one of those Internet Me-me-me-s thingies that you find on the Wibbly Wobbly Web. "If you have a blog," she asks, "what were you writing about this time in previous years?"

Auntie Jennie has already had a go, so I will too.

How things have changed! Five years ago I was very, very young and little and not even recognised as most famousest Blogger of the Year yet! Also the government were VERY unpopular and the economy was in TATTERS. Oh well; not everything changes.
Let's head backwards in time... [vworp... vworp... vworp....]

2011: In the aftermath of losing the AV referendum, some words about the Conservatories' OWN plans for constitutional change: elected police commissioners.

"I mean, our coalition partners couldn't be MONSTROUS HYPOCRITES could they."

(also, some DOCTOR WOO.)

2010: Emotions run high on the forming of the Coalition.
"'…and I for one welcome our new Liberal Deputy Overlord!' Kent Brockman, Springfield News"

(also, some DOCTOR WOO.)

2009: A review of the then-new Star Trek by J J Abrams. And an opportunity for a cute photo of ME in Star Fleet Uniform!

"Red Shirt! That's GOOD isn't it?"

(also, a DOCTOR WOO flashback.)

2008: When Cardinal O'Connor compares ATHEISTS to NAZIS, the Militant Atheist Baby Elephant gets BIBLICAL with a FISKING.

"Wrong, wrong, wrong. And all the more IRONIC because he was SUPPOSEDLY on air to big-up the speech he made to say: why don't we talk to the atheists..."

(also, guess what, some DOCTOR WOO.)

2007: Remember the days when Mr Frown was shiny and new and elected Prime Monster? No, neither do I. A Bill to exempt MPs from Freedom of Information comes up in the House of Commons and too few Liberal Heroes stand up to be counted against the LAB-SERVATIVE Alliance.

"You have to hand it to Mr Frown… and that is exactly what the Labour have done!"

(also... oh, you know the drill by now!)

2006: Whoops, overshot! Argh! Lord Blairimort! Panic! Panic!

1657: Oops, leaned a bit heavily on the go-backwards-forwards-quickly button, there. Now, who is this fragrant METROSEXUAL approaching... Stone Me! It's the Lord Protector! What I need now is a "Republic" tee-shirt and a copy of Mr Conrad's book on the ENglish Civil War. I KNEW those would come in handy!

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Jennie Rigg said...

Should have taken me back with you. I could have sung the Oliver Cromwell song from Monty Python incessantly and got us both locked up. No, wait...