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Monday, April 02, 2012

Day 4110: Snooper Powers aka This Must Be Stomped On With Giant Fluffy Elephant Feet!


Leaks to the press say that the government – NB: authoritarian idiot branch (note to Cap’n Clegg: please ensure this is confined to Conservatory rabble) – are proposing to “maintain” our security forces' ability to fight baddies (or indeed anyone they think is looking at them funny) by MASSIVELY INCREASING the scale and scope of their powers.

Simple solution, Cap’n Clegg NEEDS to make a statement: “This is the Conservatories FLYING A KITE. You know as well as I do that I and my Party aren't going to put up with this sort of STUFF AND NONSENSE. Case closed.”

We are NOT in a competition to see who can be the most “not quite as EVIL as Hard Labour”.

We are the FLUFFING LIBERAL PARTY. We ROLL BACK this kind of thing; we do NOT ROLL OVER for it!

That is all.


Jock Coats said...

Sadly there is a briefing document doing the rounds that rather shows "they" in the party agree with it. We have an uphill march on our hands, for which elephant feet will be highly suitable!

Millennium Dome said...

All the more reason for members to make a LOT of noise in protest, Mr Jock.

Let us not go down quietly!

Richard Gadsden said...

Up with this we will not put.

I'm not resigning. But any Lib Dem who's signed up for this should.

Neil Monnery said...

I think your comment that Captain Clegg needs to make a statement is very true. This is a draw a line in the sand issue for the vast majorty of us. If he's forgotten what ship he is the captain of then he needs reminding - and quick sharpish.