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Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 4096: Ask Not For Whom the Road Toll, it Tolls for You!


This is starting to get SILLY. Apparently we're now proposing to privatise the roads.

So buying large public works on the never-never is BAD when it is Hard Labour's crazy PFI schemes but FINE when it's giving the nation's vital road infrastructure over into the fluffy feet of MAMMON, is it?

Because we're all so PLEASED with the way that the OTHER privatised monopolies have worked out.

(So long as by "we" we mean "the foreign companies who now own our utilities".)

It's not QUITE up there with slashing disabled people's benefits, but it is a VERY Conservatory-led policy.

If we want a JOBS and GROWTH strategy, wouldn't it be a BETTER idea to keep the key underpinnings of our civilisation in public ownership?

And for a government that is supposed to be obsessed with NOT lumbering our children with debt the way Hard Labour did, do we really want to be using some of Hard Labour's Enron-style OFF-BALANCE SHEET accounting to spend money now and pay later?

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