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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 2747: Ms Harpy – the economy will be fine so long as the Opposition don't keep talking it down


The BBC news may be focussing on Ms Harriet Harpy's assertion that Mr Frown has "true grit*" or that she has Bats in her Belfry, or at least Daddies for Justice on her roof

(You know, it USED to be the case that the Prime Monster said he had full confidence in his ministers just before he sacked them for incompetence; now here is Mr Harpy saying she has full confidence in HIM…)

…but what you may have missed was her reply to our own Dr Vince "the Power" Cable, asking her about the crisis in house-building.

Here is the record in Hansard.
"Can the Government not get their priorities right?" asked Dr Vince. "Instead of the Prime Minister lecturing us on what we should eat for dinner, and competing with the leader of the Conservative party to be the country’s weight watcher-in-chief, should he not acknowledge that we have a deep crisis in the British housing market—probably the worst in our lifetime—which is leading into a serious recession? It is time that the Government accepted responsibility for dealing with it."
Ms Harpy replied:
"…I do not agree that it is like it was in the 1990s. The hon. Gentleman should acknowledge that it is important that we keep employment rates high and that we keep interest rates low. Those who are working hard in the construction industry, and in small and big businesses across the country, do not want the official Opposition, or any Opposition Members, to be talking the economy down at this point. Confidence is important."
As my Daddy Alex asked: just how fine IS an economy that might topple over if Dr Vince breathes on it?

*other Westerns that Mr Frown may consider include…

"The Magnificent Seven… percent inflation"

"A Fistful of Dollars… is all that's left in the Treasury"


"The Searchers… for a new Leader of the Labour"

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