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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Day 2582: A Degree from the University of Oxford (… that's Oxford Street McDonalds)


"…once you have got a qualification in management you can probably go anywhere," said Mr Frown.

"After all, McDonalds are opening a branch on every high street, these days!" he could have added.

Whatever happened to studying because it was a GOOD thing to do? Life seems to be only about getting the qualifications that will get you a job.

The government are OBSESSED with this CULT of WORK as the cure for all ills. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised: after all they are the LABOUR party. (Mind you, I don't know what the Conservatory Party's excuse is!)

It is not that there is NECESSARILY anything wrong with receiving your training from McDonalds. I certainly don't think that McDonalds should NOT be training their wage-slaves er employees. Indeed, McDonalds OUGHT to be training their staff ANYWAY. It is just that I am slightly DUBIOUS about the benefits of shoehorning on-the-job training into the academic framework of GCSEs and A-Levels.

And then there is the idea that the McA-Level will help you qualify towards a University application. But an application to study what? I may be being old-fashioned about this, but if you are going to study literature or languages or science or space, don't you need an APPROPRIATE degree? I am concerned that this may actually be a TRAP for young people, forcing them to stay on one vocational path.

After a while, McDonalds can start to provide housing units for their staff, along with education, and then it's a short step to them providing you with your McHusband or McWife and owning your life entirely!

(Daddy Alex says they could be renamed IMCdonalds… I'm sure that at least Mr Will will get the connection.)

But perhaps it DOES seem like it would make that training into a more PORTABLE commodity. If it enables OTHER employers to recognise the qualities that some poor McDrone has developed while slaving over a hot griddle, then surely that is to the GOOD. Although, isn't that what a CV is for?

Education ought to be a form of LIBERATION – a route to freedom from ignorance, poverty and conformity.

This just seems like another scheme for the Labour to score higher on their A-Level and degree targets, and as a bonus they are CRUSHING those freedoms, and leave people dumb, poor and identikit.

A good education ISN'T something that JUST ends in a job – it is one that leaves you BETTER EDUCATED. We need to go back to school and find a better answer!

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