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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day 2482: "The Sun" commits Treason


Yes, I say that "The Sun" supports TREASON – or, if they're going to print a full page cartoon showing RAF Spitfires preparing to attack the Prime Monster's plane, is there some explanation that is not GLORIFYING TERRORISM?

Perhaps "The Sun says…" that a MILITARY COUP is FUNNY – perhaps they would like to say that to Ms Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan… though maybe not on a day when she's nearly been EXPLODED by (allegedly) FORMER GENERALS!

We SHOULD hold a referendum on the European Reform Treaty. We should vote YES.

But I'm not agreeing with "The Sun" here, you know. They are DEAD WRONG about Europe, and about the reasons for having a national vote on this treaty. We should have had a vote on the Single European Act; we should have had a vote on the Maastricht Treaty. We should have a vote at each and every step, not to make things DIFFICULT but because we're ALL Europeans and we all need to feel involved. Europe is for the PEOPLE not just some Euro-ELITE!

It's important to say that the Reform Treaty is NOT the Constitution in disguise – it doesn't go any where NEAR the much-needed "Reform of Institutions" and "Transparency and Openness" parts of the Constitution that we would like, concentrating instead on the "Making the Council Of Ministers Work" parts.

Mr Frown's opt-outs mean that – lucky us – we don't even get all the GOOD BITS.

(And we're certainly not getting a Euro-flag or Euro-national anthem. Or straight bananas, compulsory hard-hats for tightrope-walkers, or Emulsified High-Fat Offal Tubes. You should watch "QI", you know.)

And instead of replacing all the previous treaties with a single one-stop-shop document, the Reform Treaty chops bits out, tacks bits on and generally makes the legislations holding the Union together more of a crazy bird's-nest than ever.

It is ALSO important to say that strengthening the Union does NOT weaken Britain: au contraire – we can only gain from a Union that has a STRONG and CLEAR international voice, better able to negotiate in the World Trade Talks, more influential in the United Nations. And we can only gain from further expansion of the Union, impossible if we don't find a way to make the voting work, vital for spreading peace, prosperity and places we can sell our stuff.

It is LUDICROUS to say that agreeing with our neighbours is "selling out Britain".

The REAL sell-outs are newspapers like "The TRAITOROUS Sun" which toils tirelessly for the interests of its owner, an Australian/American/Tax Exile, and AGAINST the interests of the people of Britain, its own readers.

Of course, Mr Roger Stavro Moredick is NOT ALONE in manipulating politics using the media – think of Mr Berlusconi in Italy and all the trouble that HE caused. But it is large SUPRA-NATIONAL companies like his "NEWS" INTERNATIONAL that stand to lose out if the Union becomes stronger – strong enough to regulate HIM!

What, a TELEVISION company in need of regulation? How could THAT happen?! Again?!?

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