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Monday, February 27, 2006

Day 1883: Mr Balloon is on the Telly


Today I was going to tell you about my first most favoritest things, but Daddy Richard is shouting at the television at the moment, so I will tell you about that instead.

A baldy man has just appeared on the television in a story about Mr Balloon.

Last year the Blue Conservatives chose Mr Balloon to write their MANIFESTO. This is a sort of BOOK that says what you would do if you ran the country. Remember: my DADDY ALEX helps to write the Liberal Democrat manifesto! He is fab! I don't think anyone read it though, which is sad.

Anyway, Mr Balloon wrote that the Conservatives would like NASTY things. Since NO body wants nasty things, Mr Blair won the election.

In spite of this, the Conservatives decided that Mr Balloon should be their team captain.

So today Mr Balloon has apparently written a NEW manifesto that says that he was quite wrong to say he liked NASTY things and from now on he will only like NICE things.

Well DUH!

The baldy man said this would be a CLAWS FOR moment (which I THINK must mean that the Conservatives will have their "claws" out "for" Mr Balloon – which is bad news for a BALLOON if you THINK about it!)

Daddy Richard seems a bit cross that the BBC news are letting Mr Balloon make his announcement that he is now nice, rather than Mr Balloon using a proper Party Broadcast. (I have watched some of Daddy Alex's DVDs of "Party Broadcasts" and I do NOT understand what they have to do with parties: no one wears silly hats and there is NO cake. Which is very sad – NO ONE likes a party without cakes and hats!)

I think Daddy should be happy though – after all, Mr Balloon says he wants to be a Liberal like Daddy Alex: maybe this is one step nearer to him realising how to join the Liberal Democrats. Then he can come to our parties. We DO have cakes!

To be honest, though, I think he should knock down his Conservative and build a nice garage in its place.

PS: LIFE ON MARS was very fab too!